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NGX Bio was founded by two Stanford professors who needed its services. They wanted accurate, fast, and affordable sequencing. When they called around to a lot of different sequencing facilities, they made some interesting discoveries.

There was huge variation in price among different facilities. To sequence a hundred human genomes, one place would charge twice as much as another. Many facilities would give them a better price for larger sequencing jobs. And while some facilities could start their job right away, others would put them at the end of a long queue.

Was there variation in the quality of data, too? Was the expensive place doing a better job? Unfortunately, there was no really good way to find out, because they only had one job to do. If they sent their samples to the wrong place, they'd spend a lot of money for subpar data.

Wouldn't it be great, they thought, if there were a single organization that could handle the sequencing for lots of researchers, working in parallel with lots of facilities?

Because it would be working with many facilities on a regular basis, the organization could monitor the quality of data. It would operate as a savvy comparative shopper, and it would be an all-important repeat customer. In short, it could make sure pricing was fair and the work was of the highest quality.

Not only that, such an organization would always know where to find available sequencing capacity. And its team would certainly be experts in the whole process, from sample prep to data management and analysis, so they could manage the flow of each job and provide advice along the way.

In 2019, the NGX Bio marketplace was acquired by Admera Health, and expanded significantly to include all aspects of NGS-based products, services, and solutions with a broad network of partners.