We Can Sequence Any Organism
Let Us Do the Leg Work For You



NGX Bio makes planning and executing your project easy. Our experts support you throughout the project - from sample preparation to sequencing to data analysis and delivery.

We can also offer guidance, if it is desired, on which protocols will be best suited for your project.

Sample Preparation

We can handle DNA and RNA extraction, library construction, library pooling, and all related quality control (QC) testing.

DNA and RNA Isolation: Depending on your needs, we can isolate DNA or RNA, or just run quality control (QC) on your submitted samples.

Library Construction: We make both single-indexed and dual-indexed sequencing libraries. Supported kits include PCR free workflows for shotgun sequencing libraries, mRNA/total RNA sequencing, targeted amplicon sequencing, and exome capture kits.

Quality Control: We use fluorometric quantitation, fragment analysis traces, and/or qPCR to determine library quality and quantity. Only high-quality libraries are used for sequencing.


We can get your samples on the full range of sequencing platforms, including Illumina, PacBio, and Ion Torrent machines.

No matter what read type or read length you need, we can quote a variety of options and identify the best fit for you.

Upon project completion, sequencer run and demultiplexing quality control statistics are provided so you know that you can trust the results.

Data Analysis

Your sequencing and analysis results data will be stored in HIPAA compliant highly secure and private silos in Amazon's S3 cloud storage, where you can readily access it using rapid file transfer tools that best suit your compute infrastructure.

We can provide additional data encryption depending on your requirements. We provide economical long-term archiving of your files such that you can easily reanalyze your sequence data even years later.

We perform data analysis using pipelines that follow industry best practices implemented in scalable cloud clusters. From basic alignment and variant-calling to customized interpretation, we support your research with whatever level of analysis you need.

Rest assured that your data is secured using enterprise security infrastructure, which is similar to that used by some of the largest vendors of Pharmaceutical, and FDA approved products and services.