Long reads with Pacific Bioscience platforms

Overview: Pacific Bioscience builds a platform that can sequence long reads on the range of 1000 – 60000 bp significantly faster than short read sequencing. It uses a SMRT cell (Single Molecule Real-Time) sequencing technology – a Zero Mode Waveguide (ZMW) well that is smaller than the light wavelength that captures the emission of a fluorophore being […]

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NGS Discovery Funding Contest

Last month, NGX Bio announced the winners of NGS discovery funding contest at Festival of Genomics event in San Diego. The abstracts were judged by a team of NGX Bio scientists on scientific merit, innovation, and use of NGS in their research. The winner of the grand prize is Christina Bergey and Kenny Chiou from […]

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Demystifying NGS Outsourcing: Aligning Resources, Expertise, and Needs


Overview The goal of the modern genomics researcher is not simply to build genomics tools or even to gather genomic data. Instead, the ultimate objective is to further scientific knowledge – to better understand human disease, plant and animal genetics, microbial ecology or evolution. The genomics researcher or bioinformatician seeks a deeper understanding of the science; better […]

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Next Generation Sequencing – Overview and Solutions to Common Problems


Background Current Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms employ massively parallel, automatable sequencing approaches designed for maximum output and efficiency. With vastly improved speed and efficiency, modern NGS platforms have enabled an entirely new paradigm for genomic research, with new applications in human disease, small-genome species, metagenomics, consumer testing and more. Early NGS innovations (e.g., Roche/454, SOLiD) […]

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