Monthly Archives: October 2016

  1. Long reads with Pacific Bioscience platforms


    Pacific Bioscience builds a platform that can sequence long reads on the range of 1000 - 60000 bp significantly faster than short read sequencing. It uses a SMRT cell (Single Molecule Real-Time) sequencing technology - a Zero Mode Waveguide (ZMW) well that is smaller than the light wavelength that captures the emission of a fluorophore being cleaved off a dNTP while a polymerase attaches it to a DNA sequence. The real time dynamics allow monitoring of the time between two base incorporations informing about base modifications like m6A and m4C. The

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  2. NGS Discovery Funding Contest

    In the fall of 2016, NGX Bio announced the winners of NGS discovery funding contest at Festival of Genomics event in San Diego.The abstracts were judged by a team of NGX Bioscientists on scientific merit, innovation, and use of NGS in their research.

    The winner of the grand prize is Christina Bergey and Kenny Chiou from Washington University. Their proposal utilized a non-invasive method to extract high-quality genome from a low-quality fecal sample from an endangered western lowland gorilla. They will use the 5k prize to test their cutting edge technology for non-invasive genome sequencing from fecal Gorilla samples. Non-invasive genomics is key for environmental monitoring as well as for conservation and forensic application.

    The first runner-up winner is González-Segovia Eric Gerardo from

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