Focus on Your Expertise
Let Us Take Care of the Rest


Focus on Your Core Competency

You submit quotes only for the projects you would like to do.

We help our customers with project design, logistics, troubleshooting/customer service, and data transfer. You focus on sequencing, we take care of the rest.

We aggregate many different types of orders, and offer a single contact for you to work with for the purposes of project management and billing.

Have a library prep or analysis you can not do yourself? Project too large to handle yourself? We would be happy to connect you and your customers with partners who can help.

Increase Utilization and Reduce Risks

We continuously collect performance metrics on sequencing runs helping your facility identify samples that may over cluster, or identify reagent batches that will cause failed runs.

Working with NGX Bio helps facilities reduce risk when sequencing constructed libraries. We constantly monitor quality metrics to identify potential pitfalls.

We help you increase utilization of your machines by sending you quote requests based on your available technology and services you offer.

With our double-blind model you can offer prices that you may not wish to formally advertise and offer only the services you want to be doing most.

Please contact us at sales@ngxbio.com to discuss partnership opportunities

Get on Board

Tell us about the Next Generation Sequencing and bioinformatics services you offer, and increase your capacity utilization