PCR Purification Kit

PCR Purification Kit

EmerTherâ„¢ PCR Product Purification Kit is used for fast purification of PCR products (>100 bp).

  • The purification procedure includes: 1) DNA fragments (> 100 bp) from PCR reactions selectively bind to magnetic beads so that PCR by-products and enzymes are removed during washing steps; 2) Highly purified DNA fragments are then eluted using water or TE buffer.
  • Purified PCR fragments can be used directly for downstream applications, including Next Generation Sequencing and other subsequent experiments.

Major Benefits of EmerTherâ„¢ PCR Product Purification Kit:

  • Fast and simple purification procedure.
  • Completely removes primers and dimers to avoid their interference on sequencing.
  • Complete removal of enzymes and dNTPs.
  • High recovery of PCR products (>100 bp): 75-95%.
  • No centrifugation or filtration; therefore, the whole procedure can be easily automated.

* EmerTherâ„¢ is for research use only. For more information, please click here.


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