HLA Typing

HLA Typing

Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) genes are the most polymorphic in the human genome). They play a pivotal role in the immune response and have been implicated in numerous human pathologies, especially autoimmunity and infectious diseases. When a mutation occurs in any of the 11 HLA loci, our body loses the ability to distinguish between self-cells and nonself-cells. Furthermore, mutations can cause transplant rejection, autoimmune responses, promotion of cancer, and drug sensitivity.

Genes/regions covered: Loci Target Sequence
HLA-A 4.1 kb (entire gene) HLA-DQB1 7.1 kb (exon 1-3’UTR)
HLA-B 2.6 kb (exons 1-7 + introns) HLA-DPB1 9.7 kb (exon 2-3’UTR)
HLA-C 4.2 kb (entire gene) HLA-DQA1 7.3 kb (entire gene)
HLA-DRB1/3/4/5 4.1 kb (exon 2, intron 4) HLA-DPA1 10.3 kb (entire gene)

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