Targeted Resequencing

Targeted Resequencing

This approach is customizable to a specific interest and offers a balanced choice between large panel (whole genome sequencing) and small panels (Sanger Sequencing). Targeting a subset provides higher sensitivity to the subset of choice.

Targeted resequencing allows researchers to analyze a specific subset of the genome to discover and validate novel variants, examine specific genes in pathways, or as a follow-up to GWAS data. Based on prior knowledge of the region of interest, this approach allows for customizing sequencing to specific targets to enable maximum utilization of the NGS platform by giving the deepest genetic analysis compared to WGS and Exome-Seq. Depending on the genes for your target, we can design up to 40 million base pairs and perform the gene sequencing for your specific project.

Each project is given special attention and designed exclusively.

Continuous support from project design to analysis
Cost benefits for targeted sequencing
Manageable data set
Outstanding data quality


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